Here you will find beautiful and safe candles in various colors and shapes for any event in your life!

We are always happy to kindle the lights of warmth, comfort and love for you!

Cylinder candles

Cylinder candles made of palm wax can be confidently called a masterpiece. Like the embodiment of unity and the fight of ice and flame. Due to the crystal structure, the candles have a unique pattern similar to frosty patterns on the glass. When burned, the candle forms thin transparent walls at the edges, which preserves their unique pattern.


The candles are hand-made, non-toxic and safe for humans. Candles made from vegetable wax have a very long burning time.


Cylinder candles are available in different colors and sizes: diameter 55 mm, height 70 mm, 110 mm, 150 mm; diameter 67 mm, height 80 mm, 100 mm, 140 mm, 180 mm.

Taper candles

Taper candles, the classical version for daily use are made by hand of pure organic wax, using the casting method.


The candles are completely eco-friendly; they do not emit harmful products when burning, which is especially important in the places where dozens of candles are lit.


They have a nice crystal 3D drawing.


Taper candles are available in different colors and sizes: diameter 20 mm, height 180 mm, 240 mm; diameter 26 mm, height 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm.

Candles of the ‘SILK’ series

Candles of the “Silk” series are exquisite and elegant, like a work of art. Cast and finished by hand with a cotton wick, covered with a special metallized decorative lacquer for candles.


When the light hits and refracts on their surface, the candles ‘sparkle and shimmer’ like expensive Chinese silk. Candles made from palm wax are resistant to relatively high temperatures, which simplifies the transport and storage of candles and significantly reduces the amount of spoilage.


Candles of the “Silk” series are available in 5 colors and the following sizes: diameter 55 mm, height 70 mm, 110 mm.

Scented wax

Scented wax is intended for use in aromatherapy lamps. It is made manually from biodegradable vegetable wax using aromatic oils. To facilitate its use,, the scented wax is made in the form of small cubes (10x10x10 mm).

Unlike aromatherapy candles, wax in aromatherapy lamps does not burn in the flame of a candle, but evaporates without the use of fire.


Scented wax (PDF)