Only qualitative components of well-known world companies are used during the manufacturing process of our products.

We pay particular attention to ensuring that the raw materials are environmentally friendly. Our candles are not toxic, odorless and biodegradable.

They will fit into any interior and are ideal for daily use.

Palm wax

We manufacture our products exclusively from the organic palm wax.


Vegetable wax is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.


It is non-toxic, safe for humans and the environment.


Vegetable wax comes to us from a reliable, certified supplier that guarantees stable supplies of raw materials from renewable sources.


In the production of candles, we use the wick of one of the best manufacturers in the world that has the certificate of the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000, according to the quality management system.

Only cotton yarn is used for the production of wicks that comply with the Öko-Тex I + II standards.


The wicks have been tested for harmful substances, are harmless to health, comply with the standards and bear the candles quality mark of RAL-GZ 041.

Coloring substance

The supplier of pigments for our products is the company which is No. 1 in the world market of pigments for candles.


High quality is achieved through many years of experience and is confirmed by various certificates.


With the KWC pellet system, we can offer you an almost unlimited choice of colors.

Звуковая функция ограничена 200 символами


We use aromatic compositions developed by the specialists from France and Germany.


All products are of high quality, certified and, thanks to the latest technology, harmless to humans.


Some natural flavors can cause an adverse reaction in people with allergies. Be careful when choosing odors!

Звуковая функция ограничена 200 символами

Hand work

All our candles are cast and processed individually.

Many years of experience and constant research have enabled us to improve the technology and bring manual work to a new level.


But, our products are still made according to the traditional method, with great love for the craft.


All our candles are unique and contain a part of the soul, which distinguishes it from simple machine-made candles, and makes it a small masterpiece.

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